Regional Services Corp

Regional Services Corp. (RSC) was founded and incorporated in Indiana in 1970.  The firm currently employs a staff of three full time and one part time licensed civil engineers with more than 100 years combined experience in the solid waste field.  RSC also employs three full time and one part time engineering technicians with over 40 years experience in construction quality assurance, surveying, field testing, and sampling.  RSC currently has offices in Franklin and Sullivan, Indiana.


During the past 40 plus years the firm has primarily been involved in the design, permit applications, bid specifications, construction quality assurance, project management, construction stakeout, topographic surveying, and monitoring (ground water, storm water, and gas migration) for both private and public landfills in over 30 Indiana counties. RSC has worked extensively with multiple local and State agencies.


RSC currently provides engineering design, construction quality assurance and monitoring services for more than twenty active and closed land disposal facilities within Indiana.  These services include permit applications for new or expanded facilities, ongoing revision of plans and operating record documents, preparation of cell construction and closure bid specifications and construction monitoring for soil and synthetic liner systems, and final or partial closure supervision, testing and certifications.  Methane monitoring and/or groundwater sampling and statistical evaluation services are also provided for approximately twelve facilities in Indiana.  In addition RSC’s staff works with owners and excavating contractors in the design, permitting, constructing, and repairing earth fill dams.


Since 1970 RSC has had a major or lead role with permit applications for more than ten new land disposal facilities and more than eighteen major modifications.  Construction management and quality assurance services have been provided since 1985 for more than one hundred (100) installations, including soil liners and single and double synthetic liner systems.  Routine services also include the preparation of various bid plan/specifications and Request for Proposals (RFP’s), statistical evaluation plans (StEP’s), Closure & Post-Closure (C/PC) updates, annual contour and volume reports, minor modifications, operational surveying, permit compliance, and miscellaneous other.

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